Good Bye

Dear lovely followers<3 i need to tell you guys i’m going to quite tumblr :c i don’t want my girlfriend to get more insecure about herself and with my blog it’s kinda hard to belive that your body is perfect the way it is.. so im really sorry guys but i want a happy girl next to me and not one who is scared for my mind about body’s and it perfect rate.. If someone still want to talk to me just because it’s me and not my blog please add me on facebook or kik: melvinaddicted. it would be an honor to keep talking to you awesome and sweet people and ofcoure i will come back on tumblr but with a new blog style.. maybe i will start skating again because the weather is getting better in holland<3 Thank you for all your great reblogs and my blog will be online so for the one who liked my blog so much: thanks for everything. feel free to look at my archive and reblog all that you like! And i hope you guys don’t hate me for what i did because i want the best for my girl<3  xxx Melvin (buttadd1ct)